Thursday, September 9

Comet does indeed kill ants!

The first week of school I quickly discovered that I had an ant problem. I made cup cakes for my residents the night we had our first floor meeting. I baked them right before the meeting, and didn't think I would need to cover them. After the meeting I came back to my room the get them and the milk, and what do I find? Ants, of course. ALL over the cupcakes. I was extremely bummed, and then had to tell my residents that there had been a "situation" and I unfortunately didn't have cupcakes for them.
I became very agitated. My mom told me to use comet, that ants will not cross a line of comet. I noticed a single straggling ant on my bathroom floor one afternoon. I decided to test the comet theory. I grabbed some comet and sprinkled a circle around the ant. Then I sat down and watched. The ant quickly realized it was trapped and started panicking. Yes, ants can panic. I witnessed it. I started laughing, malicious much?! Yes. I was feeling very bitter towards the annoying creatures who ruined my cupcakes. After sitting there for approximately 30 minutes, I left for class feeling satisfied. During class, all I could think about was that ant and wondered how long until it would die. I jetted out of class and walked very quickly back to my room. I ran into my bathroom and looked. There was the ant - dead, in the middle of circle. My assumption is that the ant had a heart attack from shock/panic. Needless to say, I felt content. I grabbed the bottle of comit and sprinkled half of the bottle between my oven and counter, where the ants were coming in from. I am happy to tell you that I haven't seen an ant one since.
You are probably thinking that this story is little demented and possibly even that I am demented. I can assure you that ants are the only thing I kill. And I have no doubt that many of you who read this had similar experiences and know exactly how I feel!

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